Water Damage Restoration

Avoid Water Damage , Avoid Costly Repairs

Water Damage Restoration
A flood is very noticeable indeed but there are causes of water damage that you cannot notice not until you take a look at it. Certain causes of water damage like condensation or water leaks are very hard to notice. If we don’t notice this, then damage to our homes would surely happen. This would then lead to a huge headache. Aside from facing water damage, you would have to face the huge expenses just to repair and restore the damaged area.

We may not be able to avoid water damage caused by flood, it is still possible for us to avoid certain causes of water damage. If you successfully avoid these possible causes, you would be able to save yourself from the possible headache you might have faced.

One of the simplest way to prevent water damage is to seal and insulate your windows and doors. Sometimes, rain water or snow would enter our homes because of the gaps coming from windows and doors. The continuous contact to rain and snow would lead to water damage.

Immediately fix ruptured pipes and plumbing no matter how small or how measly the water dripping from it. Even if the water leaking from the ruptured pipes is barely noticeable, it will still accumulate over time. In the end, this accumulated water would lead to water damage. Prevent rain water from collecting near or around your house. Rain water is one of the leading causes of water damage. Therefore, your home must have gutters that would help prevent water accumulating.

Make sure that the roof is not leaking. If there are leaks, fix it immediately. Try to find the reason of the leak and then seal it. If the roof insulation is wet, replace it right away. Also check if the roof support is saturated or not.

Humidity and moisture must be regulated at all times. If it is too humid and moisture is too high inside your home, it would promote mold growth. Like water damage, mold growth can cause damage to homes as well. It can also pose health risk if left alone. If your house sustains water damage, don’t try tackle the problem on your own. Seek the aid of a professional water damage restoration service.

Signs Of Hidden Water Damage In Your Home

Water damage in your home is a silent killer and can cause thousands of dollars in repairs before you even know it. Whether the pipes have a slow leak or there is a leak in the wall from your roof, the damage will continue to grow over time, and you will have to spend a lot of money to fix it.

Hidden water leaks can lead to soft floors, mold and can even invite in termites and other pests. Termites are attracted to damp wood, and once they invade your home, they will eat the wood until there is nothing left. Termites can cause serious structural damage and are responsible for billions of dollars in property damages each year.

If you are lucky enough to avoid termites, you could end up with mold which can be just as worse. Mold can cause respiratory damage and can even be fatal to people who have compromised immune systems. Mold can cause allergies, headaches, asthma and congestion. Mold spores float through the air and will start growing anywhere there is moisture. Mold remediation is very expensive, and you could end up spending thousands to make the repairs.

A plumbing leak that goes undetected can also soften the wood and damage the flooring and walls which can eventually begin to sag and collapse. Plumbing leaks are common in old pipes, so if you live in an older home you will want to go to the basement to periodically inspect your pipes to make sure they are sound, and you don't see any leaking.

If the pipes are in the wall, and you can't see them, look for evidence of mold which will appear as a dark growth or tiny black dots. Sometimes the paint will begin to peel in the damp areas, and the wall will feel moist. You will need to call a plumber so he can get into your walls and begin to assess the damage if this happens to you.

While it might be expensive to repair your plumbing, this is crucial to do because otherwise, the damage is going to continue to get worse and worse and just cost you more money down the road. Stopping the problem early is the best way to go. Don't let hidden water damage destroy your home and cost you money in expensive repairs, keep an eye open for the signs.

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